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10 Natural DIY Mosquito Repellents For Your Dog | Dogs ...- home remedy insect repellent for plants ,Aug 27, 2020·However, don’t try to make a thyme oil-repellent at home … it’s too irritating and strong-smelling to use at effective concentrations above 25%. 5. Fennel Oil . Researchers at Seoul National University in Korea did a study. They found that a spray repellent containing 5% fennel oil was 84% effective after 90 minutes.Natural Mosquito Repellents That Work + Plants That Repel ...Jul 05, 2019·Mosquitoes can ruin time outside and transmit disease. In this post, we’ll discuss what attracts mosquitoes, natural mosquito repellents (including mosquito spray recipes), plants that repel mosquitoes, mosquito control tips for your yard, and ways to avoid getting bit.

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This beautiful plant is a great insect repellent for mosquitos. It has been traditionally used to treat ulcers and skin eruptions, eczema, pain relief and bruising…it contains Ngaione which is a potent anti bacterial agent killing all ranges of bacteria.

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As long as you have a few different plants growing you will always have a cup of herbal tea available for yourself or when visitors pop by. Here are four of our favourite herbal teas to grow at home. Lemon Verbena (Aloysia citrodora) Plant. This hardy deciduous bush will grow in most climates.

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Feb 22, 2021·Cedar oil is a non-toxic, natural tick and insect repellent. It can be sprayed directly on clothing and skin. It is safe for use on humans and pets. Not only does cedar oil repel ticks and other irritating insects, but it kills them. Cedar oil spray can be purchased online and …

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Rosemary is an herb. It is native to the Mediterranean region but is now grown worldwide. The leaf and its oil are used to make medicine. Rosemary is used for improving memory, indigestion ...